Angie & Jeremy

About the husband-and-wife duo behind Dreamstate Collection.

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Our Mission

Our core value will always be to provide service and quality, to give you what we ourselves would want at prices the average person can afford.

Our Story

In 2008, Lifestyle Marketplace started when a simple husband and wife team decided to fill a much-needed niche: to provide quality bedding at an affordable price.

We traveled all over the country, bringing affordable, high-quality sheet sets with us to trade shows and other local events, learning as we went.

Years passed, and a thriving business was born! Over the years, people around the country loved our sheet sets so much that we had to open our own warehouse in order to store and keep the bedding coming.

Today, business continues to get better. Our online website lets us bring affordable sheet sets to the world, with 24/7 access anywhere and everywhere.

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DreamState Collection by Lifestyle Marketplace

Like many people, we know how hard it can be to find good sheets at a great price. As a family, we personally know what it's like to struggle to buy the best on a budget.

Headquartered in North Carolina, we're an American-based, family-owned business committed to service and to providing the best experience possible.

We continue to do our best to listen and respond to all our customer needs, from everyday queries about quality to questions like "why don't you also sell ___?"

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