The Most Comfortable Bamboo Pillow With Removable Cover

Product Description

Our Bamboo Comfort Pillow relieves common sleeping problems such as tension and stiff neck.  It's great for back, stomach or side sleepers, because it conforms and adjusts perfectly to your head and neck.  The combination of the shredded memory foam and the removable bamboo cover allow the pillow to breathe, stay cool, and never go flat.  This will be the best pillow you have ever owned.

  • 60% Poly/40% Bamboo
  • 100% Shredded Memory Foam - never goes flat and can be shaped to your preference
  • Removable Stay Cool Bamboo Cover
  • Hypoallergenic

Q: Why do these pillows not get hot like many of the other pillows on the market?
A: The ventilated structure of the pillow pulls the heat out relieving hot spots.

Q: I like a contoured pillow.  Will this give me support in my neck area?
A: These pillows are engineered to give you proper neck support without sacrificing comfort.

Q: What is the process of washing my pillow and where can I find the instructions?
A: Cold water, low/no heat drying.  You can find the instructions on the pillow tag.

$ 29.95 $ 59.95