5 Ways to Impress Your Partner With Bedding

5 Ways to Impress Your Partner With Bedding

Whether you've been dating or a few months, have moved in together, or have been married for years, there are always new opportunities to impress your romantic partner. One interesting way to knock their socks off is to know things about bedding!

You see, for a couple in love, bedding is an overlooked but important part of your life. The comfiness of the bed you share and the romance you create with soft, inviting bedding becomes a part of your relationship often discussed.

So, we'll share five ways to impress your mate with bedding that neither of you has ever thought of, but will truly appreciate!

1) Romantic Surprise of Favorite Colored Sheets

Show off how well you know them with your bedding selection.

Imagine their face when they come into your shared bedroom -- or the bedroom you propose to share -- to see the bed made up in rich tones of their very favorite colors. A deep emotional blue if your lover adores cool colors or a lustrous saucy red for a fiery partner who loves to tousle.

Vivid bedding colors are surprisingly meaningful, especially when you present a beautifully made bed as a gift to your love.

2) Have an Extra-Large Throw Blanket for Couch Snuggling

Of course, not all romance happens in the bedroom. Many couples spend their best bonding time snuggled up on the couch watching TV and old movies. Throwing popcorn at the screen, sharing inside jokes and, of course, doing a good bit of cuddling.

Want to show off that you're a lover in-the-know? Invest in a big soft throw blanket that lives folded on your couch. 

When the time comes to snuggle up in front of your television or even a warm crackling fire, you and your beloved will be sharing that big blanket in cozy bliss.

3) Order His & Hers Embroidered Pillowcases

For some couples, there is nothing more romantic than a touch of personalization.

You may be one of those couples that delight in having His and Hers bathrobes and towels, fuzzy slippers, even coffee mugs in the morning. So why not crank up the romance and bring that delightful personalization into the bedroom?

Embroidered monogrammed pillowcases are a wonderful way to show your lover you really care. Not to mention, a great way to stake out your personal favorite pillows.

Choose a pair of pillowcases in any rich color that would look wonderful in your bedroom and have your initials embroidered in next to each other, side by side.

4) Know When to Switch from Winter to Summer Blankets

If the temperature changes from season to season where you live (aka most of the world), then chances are you eventually need to switch out blankets. Having a good pair of winter and summer weight blankets is the perfect way to make sure your bed is comfortable for sleeping all year round.

Of course, putting off the blanket change-out is how people accidentally wind up sweltering under a winter comforter or freezing under a summer quilt when the seasons change.

Show off to your mate just how savvy you really are by displaying your bedding practicality. Instead of digging through your linen closet for a lighter blanket when you finally can't take the winter-weight heat, be on top of it. Know exactly where your alternate blanket is and neatly put the off-season blanket in its place once it's been washed.

Your mate will appreciate it the very first night with you!

5) Always Have Extra Pillows in the Linen Closet

Finally, always have a few extra pillows. Especially if you're courting someone new, it's important to remember that people have very specific pillow preferences.

Some like big fluffy pillows that prop them nearly upright in bed. Some like super squishy pillows that can be molded into the correct form. And some like nearly flat pillows that just barely lift their heads off the pillowtop.

Having a 'menu' of pillows stashed in your closet is a fantastic way to really show off your bedding savvy to a mate who is just now sharing a bed with you. Or, for that matter, impressing a mate who's been on the pillow search for some time.


There are dozens of ways to surprise your mate with romantic gestures and comfortable experiences. Using these tricks and more, you can show off to your current special someone just how much you really know about soft sheets, warm blankets, and making that someone feel special in your bed!

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