Reasons To Stay In Bed


  Reversible and double brushed on both sides for 1800 thread count softness.  Sheets are soft right out of the package and get softer with multiple washings. No need to break them in.
Thermal control properties...warm sleepers stay cool and cool sleepers stay cozy.
Moisture wicking- Perfect for night sweats. Athletic-grade performance fabric wicks moisture away rather than just absorbing, like cotton.
More breathable and lightweight than most fabrics, including Egyptian cotton. Advanced microfibers breath like workout / performance shirts to keep you comfortable all night.
Hypoallergenic fabric creates a barrier again common allergens, like dust mites.
Sheets have 18" deep pockets for extra thick mattresses including double pillow tops.  Fits tight on 12 to 18" thick mattress with "stay put" elastic sewn in all the way around the fitted sheet.  Perfect for custom and adjustable mattresses.
Our sheets are strong, durable and will last for many, many years - even with rambunctious kids and pets.
With proper washing, sheets will not pill or ball up.  Rough heels and callouses will not snag fabric.
Dries extremely fast in 20-30 minutes on medium heat, means less energy usage and eco-friendly!
Non iron sheets comes out of the dryer wrinkle free.  No need to press the hem of the top sheet or pillowcases!
Sheets will not shrink over time, so there is no need to fight with your fitted sheet to keep it on the mattress.
Colors will not fade over time.  Sheets are color fast and will not "bleed" and whites stay bright.
Sheets won't slip and slide off of the mattress like sateen fabrics.