Foods For A Good Sleep

The Top 7 Foods for Good Sleep and Better Health

Foods for Good Sleep

Today's science and innovation has provided us with the knowledge of just how important sleep is. Getting a good night's rest is essential to your mental and physical well-being.

And since our health, sleep, lifestyle, and diet are all connected, your nutrition has a strong bearing on your sleep habits.

So here are 7 foods that will have you feeling healthier and sleeping better than ever before!

1. Sweet Potatoes

Carbohydrates have a way of slowing us down. While that may not be so great during the day, it may be just what you need to relax at night.

But some carbs aren't as healthy as others. Sweet potatoes are a healthy, complex carbohydrate that keeps us full, without any of the negative, unnatural sugars.

In fact, sweet potatoes contain muscle-relaxing nutrients like potassium, which help promote a restful sleep.

2. Cherries

This tart and pleasant fruit is a favorite among many people. Cherries are easy to eat and are loaded with health benefits.

For added power at night, try drinking cherry juice. Eating cherries or drinking one glass of cherry juice can give you a slew of antioxidants to protect your body, as well as healthy doses of vitamins A and C.

In addition, cherries are one of the few fruits that contain melatonin, a natural chemical that helps balance your internal clock and get you ready for sleep.

3. Bananas

Many people think of bananas as a great option for breakfast but don't imagine them as a nighttime snack.

Contrary to popular belief, bananas are ideal for optimizing your sleep and health. They contain significant doses of magnesium and potassium, which work as relaxants to your muscles and nerves.

Bananas also contain a healthy dose of vitamin B6, which converts tryptophan into serotonin within the body; helping to relax the body even further.

4. Almonds

Nuts are extremely healthy, containing healthy fats and nutrients that are essential to a variety of functions in the body. They're also filling, which makes them a great snack for relaxing before bed.

Almonds contain magnesium and tryptophan, in addition to its other minerals and nutrients. Just a handful of almonds can help steady and relax your heart rhythm, and balance out your body's nerve and muscle functions.

5. Turkey

Thanksgiving isn't the only time you should take advantage of this nap-causing food. There's a reason why people want to fall asleep on the couch after eating a lot of turkey meat! 

Turkey contains tryptophan, which helps the body make more melatonin and get ready for sleep. It also contains protein that promotes muscle health, as well as vitamins and minerals like riboflavin and selenium.

6. Kiwi

Not only are kiwis delicious, they're surprisingly great for a restful night's sleep. You see, they're absolutely loaded with serotonin and folate, as well as vitamins C and E.

The small-but-mighty fruit can help people sleep longer and better, with minimal calories and great antioxidants.

In fact, studies have shown that kiwis can help you sleep quicker and stay asleep longer.

7. Honey

Natural and full of healthy nutrients, honey is a great addition to a variety of foods and teas.

It raises insulin within the body slightly and naturally, while also allowing tryptophan to be absorbed by the brain better. Its vitamins and minerals can help ward off infections by strengthening your immune system and relaxing the muscles and nerves.


These foods are excellent sources to help you relax before bed, sleep better, and rest easier. As professionals in the sleep industry, Lifestyle Marketplace is dedicated to helping you sleep better and live healthier.

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