4 Intriguing Things Couples Should Know When Choosing the Best Mattress

4 Intriguing Things Couples Should Know When Choosing the Best Mattress

Why Mattresses Are Important in 2019

In the United States, we obsess about our mattress purchases. It wasn't always that way, however. Once nighttime no longer posed limitations due to the Industrial Revolution of the 19th century, longer days and more work meant the need for a better night's sleep, and mattresses became a necessity rather than a luxury.

Today, retail mattress stores remain very successful at a time when people buy everything from clothes to groceries online. It seems trying out a mattress before the actual purchase represents more of a commitment than taking a test car out for a spin or choosing a new outfit.

And, it makes sense we treat the purchase of a mattress as a priority. Most of us keep our mattresses as long as a decade and some high-end luxury "models" last as long as fifteen years.

In fact, we spend an average of $1000 per mattress. This figure does take into account that some people are paying a whole lot more. If you spend between $600 and $800, you will most likely have a good mattress, but anything under $400 should find its way to the guest room for occasional use.

Here are a few more interesting things you should know when selecting a great mattress for you and your partner: 

Choosing the Best Mattress and Bedding as a Couple

Whether you're planning on purchasing a new mattress soon or you already have a great place to lie your head, things won't be absolutely perfect until you get comfortable bedding.

If you're sharing a bed with a partner, of course, you'll want to take their individual requirements and your needs as a couple into consideration. While shopping for bedding, why not dazzle your partner with your vast knowledge on what makes a bed comfortable and enticing!

#1 Pick the Appropriate Size

Size matters, well at least when it comes to mattresses. The most popular mattress size for a married couple remains the queen. Sometimes space availability determines the size of the bed or mattress, but other considerations weigh-in as well:

  • A full-size bed (which also goes by the name of matrimonial bed in some countries) represents a good choice for intense cuddlers and, quite frankly, people of smaller stature.
  • The queen size bed will give you about 30 inches of individual space, but it's still cozy enough for toe touching.
  • A king size bed provides each person with 38 inches.

Not all couples sleep in the same bed. One in four couples chooses to emulate Scarlett and Rhett as they retire to their separate abodes due to health issues or sleep disturbances.

#2 Appeal to Both Comfort Levels with a Split Mattress

Split mattresses--available both in queen and king sizes--allow couples to snuggle when they want to and claim their own space when it's time to concentrate on sleep.

And, when you have a split mattress, you need split sheets. We have a great collection of split sheets in both queen and king sizes including all the accessories that go along with them.

In fact, our duvets come in a size that will cover the entire bed creating the appearance of just one queen or king size bed. Or, the option of individual duvets gives you the ability to control the temperature and decide how heavy you want your personal covering.

That's personalized comfort to the maximum level!

#3 Opt for Comfortable, Effortless Bedding, too!

You don't need cotton for breathable, comfortable sheets! Our 1800 thread count sheets not only soothe you with softness, but the deep corners mean these sheets will stay on until you are ready to launder them.

And, speaking of laundering, our microfiber sheets don't pill or fade when washed per the instructions. Additionally, you don't even need to think about ironing. When we say permanent press, we mean it!

#4 Select Colors You Can't Go Wrong with!

Trying to decide on the right colors for your bedding? Well, white sheets remain the most popular choice for a restful night's sleep! Yet, we carry just about any color that works for you.

Now, if you want some seductive colors in the bedroom, try experimenting with red, purple, or animal prints, but in small doses.

So, forget about those slippery red or black satin sheets for the bedroom. You'll find luxurious microfiber the perfect choice for your nighttime retreat!

Use this list as a guide when choosing the best mattress and bedding as a couple. As a result, you'll both delight in the comfort and style of your bed while enjoying each other.

Have fun! 

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