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From House to Home: Decorating with Accents

One of the greatest feelings is turning the space you live in into your own personal sanctuary. Most of us dream big when planning our "perfect" abode, and sometimes life can get in the way of those plans. For homeowners, scraping together the funds for renovations isn't always in the budget, and apartment dwellers may despair at not having the freedom to extensively alter their place. 

Luckily, you can do wonders when it comes to personalizing and bringing warmth to wherever you live with just a few simple touches. Accenting a space can go a long way for improving aesthetics and creating a brand-new atmosphere. We put together a few ideas on how you can easily change the look of your home with accent pieces!

Organizing and Rearranging

The first step in changing the way a space looks is to remove clutter. No matter what decor you add, no one will ever notice if it blends into a messy environment. Start by eliminating anything you don't need and either tossing it or moving it into storage. For what is left, consider how you want to organize and store your things. A great example of a stylish storage solution might be a wicker basket to collect shoes. Stacking two vintage suitcases can double as a coffee table and a place to store extra linens, and adding fabric bins can help hide some loose items that were once cluttering a bookshelf. 


Now that you've made way for some gorgeous home decor, adding a few throw pillows throughout the house will make it look luxurious – especially if you use them to show a little personality. Having your name and the names of your spouse and/or kids printed on a throw pillow makes your house truly feel like a home. It will make you happy every time you see it, and it will show off your love of your family to guests! At Lifestyle Marketplace, we offer several personalized throw pillows from family names to wedding anniversary and couple's pillows.


A wonderful way to transform a space is by adding a pop of color! First, choose a color that complements the room. For example, if you have a room that is mostly white with a little brown and blue, you may choose blue as your accent color. You can draw out the blues in the room and create a calming effect by folding a blue throw blanket over the arm of a chair or placing a blue area rug in the center of the room. Or, add a color accent to your bedroom with a duvet cover set.


Applying textures to a room is a fun way to upgrade and add a sense of luxury. The wicker basket that was mentioned above for storage can serve as texture. A fuzzy or braided rug can also do the trick! You can even try textured curtains or a stretched canvas for the wall displaying mixed media artwork.


The most important thing about a home isn't only how it looks; smell is just as important of a factor. Candles are the perfect way to create a calming, homey atmosphere. We offer a variety of all-natural soy aromatherapy candles from classic vanilla and lavender to pumpkin pie souffle, white birch, and countless other relaxing scents.

Everyone needs some change now and again, and it doesn't have to be the time-consuming, expensive project you imagined. Just by organizing, rearranging, and adding a few beautiful accent pieces, you can truly transform your living space from just a house into the home you've always dreamed of.

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