How to Add More Years to Your Bedding

How to Add More Years to Your Bedding

The better you take care of your bedding the more they will serve you. It doesn't matter how much you earn; when you buy new bedding, you'll feel a hole in your wallet. Taking good care of your bedding saves you money!

In fact, here are a few tips to add more years to your bedding:

Caring for Your Mattress

Rotate your mattress regularly

Doing so will extend the life of your mattress by so many years. When you sleep, you exert your weight on the center of the mattress. If you don't rotate the mattress, you don't give it a chance to repair itself.

So, rotate the mattress to evenly distribute your weight. This practice also clears dips and allows your mattress to wear off evenly.

Rotate your mattress every three months!

Use a mattress pad

A mattress pad is thicker than mattress covers and does a better job at protecting your mattress. When you have a mattress pad, you're sure to protect your mattress against fluids and other sorts of dirt.

You see, when you perspire a lot, the pad will shield your mattress against your sweat. The padding also protects your mattress from physical damage since your body is not in direct contact with the mattress. 

Clean your sheets weekly

Why are we talking about sheets when we're supposed to take care of your mattress? Well, the human body produces a lot of oils that gets deposited on the sheets.

If these body oils are not cleaned, it will infiltrate into the mattress and destroy the fibers. 

Clean your mattress regularly

Most people do not clean the mattress as often as it should be done. While others try to clean their mattresses, they don't do it well.

Use a vacuum cleaner with a powerful upholstery suction to rid the mattress of tiny dust particles that destroy the mattress fibers.

    Extending the Life of Your Sheets

    Do not mix sheets with other clothes while doing laundry

    Sheets are some of the most delicate night partners. If you mix your sheets with clothes with zippers and buttons, they will get ripped in the washing machine.

    You don't want to begin mending your sheets after only washing them for the first time.

    Don't use abrasive detergents

    One of the surest ways to extend the life of your sheets is to use less abrasive detergents. Now, abrasive detergents will weaken the fabrics and reduce the lifespan of your bed sheets. Manufacturers often indicate the amount of detergent you should use, but you can do yourself a favor by shopping for detergents that are tough on stains but soft on fabrics.

    Also, let the detergent get diluted in water before putting your sheets in the washer. If you mix your sheets with detergents directly, the sheets may discolor.

    Bathe before bedtime

    Washing your sheets too often wears them off quickly. However, you need to keep them clean so they don't attract microscopic mites. When you bathe before bed, you wash away body oils that would have got on the sheets.

    Body oils put a lot of strain on the sheets during cleaning thus weakening the fabrics.

      Keeping Your Pillows Fluffy and Clean

      Always cover your pillows

      Use hypoallergenic pillows cover to keep the body oils, sweat, and dust mites from infiltrating the pillow. Wash the covers as regularly as possible so that the grit doesn't accumulate and sip into the pillow.

      Launder the pillows once in a while

      Pillows can often accumulate so much dirt and dust mites. Throwing them in the washer with a mild detergent can help. Make sure to use the right settings on the washer to keep the conditions favorable for the fabric.

      Dry with low heat

      Sometimes in a hurry to get things done, you end up destroying the fabrics of your pillows with too high heat. Use low heat and tennis balls to fluff the pillows as they dry. Ensure the pillows are completely dry; moist pillows attract dust. 


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