How to Pick the Right Bedding Colors For Your Master Bedroom

How to Pick the Right Bedding Colors For Your Master Bedroom

You spend about a third of your life sleeping. That's a lot of time spent in your master bedroom and a good reason to invest in the room's comfort and style. One of the biggest ways to set the tone of your bedroom is through your bedding choices.

Do you want something that's fun and funky? Or pretty and floral? What color should you get for the sheets?

It's easy to get overwhelmed with all the possibilities, but our master bedroom style guide is here to help. 

Finding Inspiration for the Right Bedding Colors

What mood do you want to set in the bedroom?

Take time to think about how you want to feel when you walk into your bedroom. Do you want to feel inspired and energized in the morning? Or would you rather it feel like a luxury nighttime escape?

Color can help you set the mood of the space, so knowing what your goal is will help you narrow down your choices. 

  • Warm tones will convey energy and excitement. This might be a good choice for those who have a hard time waking up in the morning and need a boost to get out of bed. Look for reds, oranges, and yellows. 
  • Cool tones create a calmer, more serene space. If you are the kind of person who can't wind down at night, making your bedroom a cool-toned sanctuary can help. Search out bedding in blues and greens. 

Which styles do you find yourself drawn to?

Flip through a home decor magazine or browse some decor websites. Don't worry about color when doing this exercise, just find rooms that you like (bedroom or otherwise). Save those images, then go back and look at them as a group.

You might find it easiest to cut the images out of magazines or group them on a Pinterest board. Then take a step back. What colors emerge from the bigger picture?

This is a great way to identify a color story that appeals to you as well as give you some style inspiration for your space.

What colors are already in your bedroom?

If your space is already decorated in a style you love, then find bedding color inspiration there.

To create a more interesting look, don't match your bedding colors to the dominant color in your room. Instead, look for a secondary or complimentary color to coordinate with it.

For instance, if you've decorated your room primarily in blues with accents of yellow, choosing yellow bedding can help set off the main blue color. You see, matching everything too much can make the space look bland and uninviting.

Instead, picking up those accent colors creates a much more vibrant and cohesive look.

Tips for Getting Bedding Colors Right the First Time

Request Fabric Swatches

A lot of high-quality bedding companies are happy to supply you with free fabric swatches. Take advantage of this. Most people are doing their bedding shopping online, but getting the colors right from an image on the screen is tricky.

If you can, order fabric swatches so you can see the color in person before you buy. It will save you the hassle of returning later on.

When in Doubt, Go Neutral 

If you're really struggling to find a bedding color that matches the style of your master bedroom, stick with neutrals. Whites, grays, and blacks are ideal for blending with any color scheme. They are very versatile, too, so you can switch up your style without replacing your bedding in the future. 

Remember: It's Your Room

At the end of the day, this is your space to enjoy. So don't feel obligated to stick to any particular rules about bedding colors. Simply get what you like! Investing in quality bedding with high thread counts is going to matter more to your comfort than color will in the long run.  

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