How to Make Your Split King Mattress the Perfect Bedtime Sanctuary

How to Make Your Split King Mattress the Perfect Bedtime Sanctuary

Okay, let's face it; once cuddle time has ended, we need enough room to sleep comfortably. A mattress which gives each partner the room to stretch out makes for a better night's sleep. 

Before the 1950s, most married couples either had a double sized bed or two twin beds. Queen-sized and king-sized mattresses were introduced in the late 40s because Americans were getting taller. Although, if you watched sitcoms in the 60s, you were led to believe, all married couples slept in twin beds.

So, theoretically, a king or even queen-sized mattress allows us to enjoy the intimacy of a relationship while providing plenty of room for catching our zzzs.

But, not so fast. Even if you sleep in a king-size bed with a petite wife, she might be a sprawler or a cover stealer. Maybe your husband snores mercilessly, or your spouse needs five pillows behind them to control their acid reflux.

Fortunately, a solution exists to keep the intimacy in your relationship and get a proper night's sleep.

What is a split mattress? 

As the name would indicate, a split mattress takes two separate mattresses and places them on a queen or king-sized frame. Split mattresses for a queen means each person gets 30 inches of their own space, and for a King, 38 inches.

The popularity of split mattresses took off with the adjustable bed frame. The adjustable bed has a long history dating back centuries. It was put to good use during World War I to make injured soldiers more comfortable.

In the late 20th century, manufacturers figured out that a split adjustable bed frame and split mattresses were the perfect solutions for couples with health or other concerns. The adjustable bed frame and split mattresses bring a particular comfort to senior citizens.

Some of the situations split adjustable mattresses help resolve includes:

  • Weight disparity
  • Indigestion concerns such as acid reflux
  • Snoring or sleep apnea
  • Poor circulation
  • Mattress firmness preferences

A split adjustable mattress allows the individual to position the mattress to their individual needs without disturbing their partner. At the same time that a split mattress gives you the benefit of individualized comfort, it also keeps the intimacy of sleeping in the same bed.

What you need for a split mattress

Once you commit to investing in a split queen or king mattress, it doesn't take long to figure out your current linens and bedding just won't cut it.

So, what do you need to make your split mattress work for you and your partner?

Split Sheets

Both our queen and king split sheet sets come with two fitted bottom sheets with extra deep corners, a flat sheet, and two pillowcases. Our incredibly soft 1800 count microfiber will make you think you're sleeping on a cloud.

You see, you don't need Egyptian cotton to be comfortable. Our sheets will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, plus, they are hypoallergenic!

Additionally, they remain colorfast wash after wash and never require ironing.

Separate Blankets

If you still have concerns about blanket wars, it may be a good idea to purchase separate blankets. European manufacturers especially offer a great selection of separate quilts for split mattress beds.


Pull the look together with one of our beautiful duvet sets. One duvet to cover the entire bed adds an element of cohesiveness.


Make sure you purchase pillows for your individual comfort needs. And, if you want to go wild with pillows, we have a great selection of extra pillowcases.


Have a little fun and let your individuality shine. No law on the books says you must have matching nightstands for instance. Maybe he wants something industrial looking, and she wants an eloquent antique.

Pull everything together with your color scheme!

And, if you're sharing a room, make sure to agree on colors. White sheets and blue walls are always safe for a restful scenario. Red and purple add some sexiness to your room, but best to keep those colors in small accent type doses. Whatever color scheme you decide on, we are sure to have the sheets and duvets to meet your needs.

Split mattresses are an ideal choice for couples who desire intimacy, comfort, and a good night's rest. The good news is, Lifestyle Marketplace has all the bedding you need to ensure you fully enjoy your investment!

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