A Step-by-Step Guide to Caring for Your Duvet

A great duvet can make a huge improvement in the quality of your sleep. It's a bedding item where it doesn't pay to skimp on quality. Invest in the highest-quality duvet and bedding you can afford and you'll see a dramatic increase in how well you sleep. Check out our step-by-step guide to caring for your duvet to get the most out of your bedding investment.

In fact, you can extend your duvet's life by years!

How to Care for Your Duvet

Step 1: Read the manufacturer's care suggestions

Not all duvets are the same. How you care for it will depend on how the manufacturer makes the pieces and what materials they use.

So take time to read the suggested care instructions from the manufacturer. This can provide you with valuable insights about the right temperatures to use, how to dry it, and whether it will need to be professionally laundered.

Most duvets can go in your home machine, but it's better to be safe than sorry.

Step 2: Wash your cover once a week and your duvet every quarter

You can wash your duvet cover with your sheets and pillowcases. This should happen about once a week.

Now, you won't need to wash the duvet itself as frequently, as it won't come in direct contact with your skin. A good rule of thumb is to wash your duvet seasonally, or about once a quarter.

Actually, if you don't have pets or children, you may only need to wash it twice a year.

Step 3: Treat stains immediately

Stains on your bedding are inevitable. It's important to treat them immediately. This will make them easier to clean and reduce the chance of permanently damaging the bedding.

So if you spill something on your duvet cover, make sure you strip it off and treat the stain on the duvet itself, too. Most fabric stain treaters are suitable for duvets.

If you aren't sure about what to use, a simple mixture of vinegar and baking soda will treat most stains effectively.

Step 4: Machine dry your duvet for best results (but a little sun never hurts!)

It's essential that after you wash your duvet, you ensure it's completely dry before putting it back onto your bed. That's because a damp duvet is an ideal place for bacteria and mildew to grow.

Machine drying your duvet is the most efficient way of making sure it's totally dry. Be sure you take it out and rotate the fabric around once in a while so all areas are being dried in the machine.

Putting your duvet out in the sunshine can be a good thing, too. The sun acts as a natural disinfectant for the fabric and the fresh air can help eliminate odors.

Step 5: Know when it's time to replace your duvet.

Even with the best care, top-of-the-line duvets aren't going to last forever. You can count on your duvet lasting anywhere from 5-15 years with good care.

Watch for signs that it's time to replace. These will include a limp or flat duvet, edges coming undone, or the filling starting to leak out.

When this happens, it's time to find a new duvet for your bed.

The Right Bedding Matters in Caring for Your Duvet, Too

A good duvet is even better with the right duvet cover. A good cover can actually help extend the life of your duvet, as well. It will protect it from contact with oils, hair, skin, and other materials that can cause the duvet to start to wear and break down. 

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