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Dreamstate® 'Bohemian Blue' Printed Sheet Set

Dreamstate® 'Bohemian Blue' Printed Sheet Set

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A rough day blows away like dandelion fluff as soon as you slip between these breathable and lightweight performance blend sheets. Aches and pains melt away quickly beneath the moisture-wicking fibers of our easy to clean fabric. 

An intricate Bohemian blue paisley design adorns a light gray background on these hypoallergenic sheets. A thick ribbon of piping acknowledges the head of the sheet. Varying hues of blue lull the senses into a peaceful calm at nap time and encourages a deeper sleep when it's time for a full night's rest. 

A regular cold-water wash cycle and a tumble dry on low heat are all that is needed to keep these sheets looking brand new through years of use from the whole family. They are guaranteed to resist piling and maintain their downy texture no matter how many times you wash them. Wrinkle-free with deep corner pockets, you'll never fuss about making the bed again.

Not only is the beauty remarkable but so is the usefulness. The bottom fitted sheet is constructed to go on easily and the plentiful top sheet covers the bed magnificently with plenty of wiggle room. These sheets keep your bedroom looking good whether you're in or out of the bed.

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