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Dreamstate® 'Star Crossed Covers' Printed Sheet Set

Dreamstate® 'Star Crossed Covers' Printed Sheet Set

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Dusty gray petals form tiny crosses for the pattern of this delicate sheet set. A perfect shade of gray to complement any room décor, these small crosses are brilliant against the stark white background. A design that depicts nobility and knowledge, your bedroom will develop an aura of the same.

The design isn't the only striking characteristic of this bedding. It is woven from a fiber stronger than cotton with a touch so soft you can't help but relax. It's wrinkle-free and designed to be easier than ever to put on the bed. These sheets are strong enough to last through the years without losing the distinct color and design lines.

The wrong temperature can rob you of a good night's rest no matter how beautiful the sheets are. Night sweats are a problem for thousands of Americans. Seasonal temperature disparities can also wreak havoc on a restful night. Fortunately, these sheets are woven with thermal control fibers to help regulate your body temperature no matter what season it is.  Fun and functional, these snappy gray crosses are a welcome addition to any bedroom you want to enhance in comfort and style.

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