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Dreamstate® 'Curled and Crossed' Printed Sheet Set

Dreamstate® 'Curled and Crossed' Printed Sheet Set

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Shades of blue have never been lovelier then in these beautiful navy scroll sheets. Delicate powder blue filigree intertwines with bolder, thick swatches of navy blue all topped with a silky royal blue ribbing at the sheet head.

It's hard not to dream of ruling the kingdom beneath these regal sheets strong enough to withstand the years. The stately design imparts a classy feel that adds a touch of sophistication to any sleeping room. The deep, rich hues of blue bring out the color in the surrounding décor leaving a feeling of calm and peacefulness behind.

The royal blue, navy blue, and powder blue combination is soothing, and the pattern is distinctive enough to add subtle flair. Making the bed has never been more satisfying with the perfectly snug fitted sheet and abundant top sheet that offers not only superb comfort but a neat and tidy appearance as well.

Majestic hues of blue in a graceful sophisticated pattern will lure you to sleep easily as the thermal control fibers keep your body the perfect temperature. The moisture-wicking capabilities ensure night sweats and sticky summer heat are never a problem again. You'll rest easy in this sea of cerulean blue.

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