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Dreamstate® 'Sweet Summer Night' Printed Sheet Set

Dreamstate® 'Sweet Summer Night' Printed Sheet Set

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There is nothing as peaceful as a field of wildflowers on a summer day. This gorgeous teal and navy-blue wildflower pattern brings on the same peaceful feelings just in time for bed. Tiny round-petaled flowers of a light teal are surrounded in a sea of dark navy blue on these durable sheets suitable for all members of the family.

The deep, rich navy blue and bright teal enhance any blue décor in the room, giving it a calming and restful atmosphere. A light ribbing at the head adds an elegant touch of simple class. Despite their dainty, beautiful pattern, these sheets are tough, durable and able to withstand night after night of toddlers and pets.

Night sweats, insomnia, nor nightmares stand a chance against the comfort of these moisture-wicking, thermal controlled sheets. No more sweating through summer nights or freezing through the winter. Your body temperature is perfectly moderated under the navy-blue softness no matter the season.

Soft, breathable, and cozy, these navy-blue beauties repel dust mites and are hypoallergenic for the most peaceful rest possible.  The vibrant teal of the delicate wildflowers resist fading and is wrinkle-free so your bedding always looks fresh and inviting anytime you're ready to lay down.

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