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Dreamstate® 'Watercolor Blossoms' Printed Sheet Set

Dreamstate® 'Watercolor Blossoms' Printed Sheet Set

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The ethereal feel of watercolor painting will have you dreaming in no time with these wistful sheets of blue flowers splashed with yellow petals. Super soft with thermal control properties, they will keep you at the perfect sleeping temperature all year around.

Soft as a dream but tough as nails, these sheet sets are woven with a fiber strong enough to last through years of use with children and pets.  Fade-resistant colors keep the room as bright as your dreams year after year.

Flowers in hues of blue illicit calm and comforting feelings in nature. The same is true in your bedroom with the trio of blues in these watercolor flowered sheets. The splashes of yellow and light lilac blend perfectly with the blues and bring about the same striking beauty seen in nature.

Not only is the beauty striking but so is the functionality. The fitted sheet is designed to go on with minimal trouble and the ample top sheet covers the bed beautifully with room to wiggle. Always wrinkle-free, the sheets keep your room looking good when you're in or out of the bed.  If you've ever wanted to sleep in the calming confines of a watercolor painting, now is your chance.

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